Blend Of PerfumesHayat Lightsalmon Face & Body Shampoo

With Argan Oil & Guar
Product Specifications:
  • - Hayat face and body shampoo containing Argan oil and different Types of natural extracts and vitamins needed for skin, brings freshness and vitality to your face and body skin. This product is compatible with skin and brings health and beauty to your skin through maintaining its moisture.
  • - Quantity In Pack: 12 pcs
  • - Size: 400 gram
  • Product Introduction
  • Instructions

Hayat face and body shampoo brings an extra feeling of smoothness to the skin by moisturizing the skin surface. This product has a high cleaning power and is compatible with skin. This product provides easy rinsing with proper foaming.

This product can be used directly or using a washcloth. You can use the product as follows:

First, wet your skin. Pour some of the shampoo in your palm and rub it gently on your skin. In case of using a washcloth, you should put some of the shampoo on the wet washcloth and rub it off to foam and wash your body.

In both ways, you should rinse your body thoroughly with water.

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