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What is Argan oil and where has it come from?

This natural oil comes from Morocco, taken from a tree called organ, and is used as a natural soothing, natural moisturizer for skin and hair. This oil is one of the most expensive oils in the world and is known for its extraordinary properties, even called “golden oil”.

Padide Shimi Century

Sustainable livelihoods, employment creation and conservation of natural resources through the use of day-to-day knowledge and technology in the production process have set the pivot of their core values. Improving the welfare of the community and the sustainable growth of the Safflower Industrial Group is one of its universal goals and competitive. The manufacturer steps in this direction. Quality, knowledge, creativity and a team of high values ​​of life. Based on the knowledge and commitment of human capital, and based on the material and spiritual support of the safflower industrial group, the company has made a fundamental commitment to improving the health of consumers by providing a diverse and quality portfolio of detergent and sanitary products.

Our Products

Argan’s series of products, the Argan series, is a special product that, in addition to Argan’s vegetable oil, contains a variety of plant and natural extracts that are formulated by the labs of this company to further increase your hair health.