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Hazelnuts And Honey
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  • - National Code: 2161220282580040
  • - Health Number: 56/16883
  • - Standard Number:
  • - Product Code: 502006002
  • - Barcode: 6262825801871
  • - Quantity In Pack: 12 pcs
  • - Size: 300 gram
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Hayat Hair Conditioner Contains Hazelnut and Hazelnut Extract, with very good natural soothing properties for hair, maintains moisture, prevents hair loss and strengthens, provides anti-bacterial properties and cleanses the scalp.

The correct shampoo of the hair involves the following steps:
Circumcision: Shave your hair with a coarse shoulder so that there is no graft on it. Be careful not to comb your hair in a wet state, because in this case you use more force to comb, so your hair may break.

Initial rinse with lukewarm water:
In the next step, rinse your hair with lukewarm water. At this stage, the initial rinse or before rinsing is said to be done to remove dust and generally water-soluble contaminants. Never use hot water, because it will make your hair brittle and fragile.

Hand Shampoo Distribution:
Put some shampoo in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to spread the shampoo on your hands. In fact, the shampoo floor should be on your hands. The amount of shampoo should be so large that it covers all your hair.

Massage Shampoo on Fingerprint:
Spread the shampoo over everything and massage your shampoo gently with your fingertips. Take care not to use the nails and do this slowly and in a circular manner to prevent hair from knitting and breaking.

Final Filling:
At this point, rinse your hair well enough to remove any shampoo residues from your hair. It is also emphasized that the hair is very sensitive to friction in a wet state, so do not rub it in a wet state. Always remember the five steps above when shampooing the hair to get used to repeating these steps.

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