Dry & Frizzy HairHayat Rose and Lavender hair conditioner

Roses and Lavender
Product Specifications:
  • - Hayat hair conditioner, which contains rose and lavender extract, with nutritional properties and restoring the damaged hair structure caused by hairdryer and ironing;helps heal split end, increases hair moisture and brightness and creates a silky feel, increases hair resistance
  • - Each box contains: 12 pcs
  • - Weight: 300 gram
  • Product Introduction
  • Instructions

Rose extract in Hayat hair conditioner contains strong moisturizing and softening ingredients. Rose oil molecules penetrate the depths of the hair threads very well because they are very small, making the hair completely hydrated. The combination of rose and lavender extract also plays a significant role in strengthening the structure of the hair. The extracts of this product give the hair freshness and brightness.

In addition to all of the above items, the desirable fragrance of these two flowers is very effective for relaxation and vitality.

Among the features of Hayat rose and lavender hair conditioner the following can be mentioned:
-hair moisturizing and conditioning
-hair brightening and shining
-strengthening hair threats
-preventing static electricity

Before using a shampoo, you should know your hair type. For example, if you have greasy scalp but dry hair, do not shampoo your hair directly and instead, first create lots of foam and apply shampoo only to the greasy skin and then rinse it with water. The shampoo moves downwards along the hair when washing with water, and this is enough to remove any contamination from the hair.

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