Green LifeHayat Violet Soap

Contains Argan Oil and Lavender
Product Specifications:
  • - Hayat Green Soap can be used as a skin cleanser for dry, sensitive, and susceptible to acne, and removes dead skin cells.
  • - Each box contains: 12 pcs
  • - weight: 125 gram
  • Product Introduction

The Argan oil in Hayat soap, one of the most valuable oils in the world,makes the skin brighter and creates an sense of freshness and softness in the skin having omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and maintaining the normal Ph of the skin. Also, with the A, F, E vitamins and many antioxidants, it can nourish the skin well, without any irritation, and increase the elasticity of the skin through moisturizing the skin surface. The glycerin in the soap helps hydrate the skin and prevent skin drying and any skin irritation absorbing moisture from the environment and keeping it on the skin.

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